About the Forum

The Filibuster Reform Forum gathers content from experts affiliated with a variety of institutions, with an aim to help the public, the press, Senators, and their staff learn about different filibuster reform proposals and better understand how those proposals could change how the Senate operates.

While much attention is given to propositions to either eliminate the filibuster altogether or strictly maintain the status quo, a breadth of other reform options exist: some developed by scholars of the Senate, and some by Senators themselves. This forum intends to spotlight the diversity of proposals in circulation, explain them, and assess their trade-offs.

The Filibuster Reform Forum is a live, ongoing effort to gather information about a wider array of options in one place, providing a space to compare the diversity of proposals and to contribute new ones.

The Filibuster Reform Forum is organized by:

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With support from:

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Disclaimer: Inclusion of any of the proposals on this site does not imply endorsement by any of the organizations who have participated in or partnered with the Forum. Proposals appearing on this site are strictly for the purpose of educating the public, press, Members, and their staff about different options for filibuster reform.


For questions, additional information, and to submit additional proposals, send an email to filibusterreform@protectdemocracy.org.